About Our Agency

“Little Lovelies is a trusted name in child care. We are recognised for our personalised service along with the care we take when selecting nannies, babysitters and carers.”

About Little Lovelies

Founded in 2015 by Jacqui Nixon, Little Lovelies was established to put heart back into helping families find a Nanny. Jacqui had noticed the Nanny Agency market was very cold and process driven, and that often the children were forgotten about during the process.

She established Little Lovelies to break away from the traditional mould and create a more engaged service between families and Nannies. Little Lovelies only recruits the most experienced Nannies, and will match a Nanny to a family based on many factors not just location.

Our Philosophy

We believe that finding a Nanny for your most precious little ones, shouldn’t be another stress. We know you already have so much on your plate, and we strive to take on this task for you and deliver with excellence.

We believe there are many lovely people who lack experience or qualifications and may not be ready to take on the challenge of a Nanny job, but with out proper processes may otherwise be given too much responsibility too soon. In the future we hope to introduce programs to help train and ready these candidates.

We believe a Nanny should fit your family like a glove and vice-versa. We will go out of our way to find a Nanny that suits your family not just your postcode. So you experience less turnover and a happy home.