Benefit of a Nanny vs Day Care for Parents

We’ve all felt a range of emotions from guilt, uncertainty and sadness when looking for a suitable childcare option. It can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. So, Day-care or a Nanny?

Below we’ve outlined some of the major benefits that a Nanny provides vs a Day-care to help you with that BIG decision!


Providing dedicated care for a family, a Nanny can provide the most personalised type of childcare you can find. Working full time? Part time? Evenings and weekends? A Nanny is there to support you from the moment you leave your house, until you arrive back home, unlike a day care. Say goodbye to waking your sleeping children at 6 am or rushing from work so you can reach the day care centre by 5:59 pm. Unlike a Day-Care if there’s an emergency at work or you’re running late from work there’s no need to stress, your Nanny’s there to cover you!


With a Nanny you have total control over what your children are exposed to, where they go, what they eat, and what their schedule looks like. Your nanny is that extra pair of hands that you and your family need. They’re there to follow your schedule and ensure all tasks involved with the children are taken care of; nap time, laundry, playtime, appointments etc.


Something we all wish we had more of!!

  • Homework done
  • Children ready for bed
  • Dinner prepared
  • Laundry taken care of
  • House tidy

Imagine all these chores are checked off when you arrive home after a long day of work. All that’s left to do is spend quality one on one time with your children.

A nanny can remove the daily stress every parent experiences. Trying to organise everything that needs to be done in order to maintain your home, your children’s life and your own, and keep up with the demands of work can be chaotic. Having a nanny help out with light housework and some chores frees up time for you to take the kids to the park or beach rather than staying at home to take care of the laundry, catch up with that friend for a coffee you keep rescheduling because you’re too busy with household chores or get that massage you so desperately need and relax instead of planning meals and shopping.


Okay so we’ve talked about the benefits for you but what about the kids? With specialised training and experience in early childhood development a Nanny can provide their undivided attention to your children with dedicated time and care. Unlike in a day-care setting where caregivers must focus on all the needs of all the children, a nanny is only concerned with your children.

A Nanny will take on board your children’s interests and passions and be able to customise outings, craft activities and play dates to put your children first. You could even agree on an educational development schedule to improve specific skills such as writing or to broaden their understanding of the world they live in.


Hiring a Nanny allows your children to stay in a familiar setting where they’re more comfortable. They can sleep in their own bed at nap-time, eat out of their favourite bowl, or play with a much loved toy – this can be a great comfort during the early transition that can’t be provided at a childcare facility.

There are certainly many benefits of introducing a Nanny into your family’s life, benefits that you are all sure to enjoy. Although not the right choice for everyone, those that do get Nannies tell us they love the bond they see between child and Nanny.