Fun! Kids Activities

A nature-play school holiday activity for families staying at home or travelling

There’s a fun trend sweeping the country focused on spreading joy and happiness to others and we’re here for it! If you’ve visited your local park lately or stopped in at a park on your travels, you might have come across painted rocks with kind messages upon them and the postcode from which they originated. There are Facebook groups for each state dedicated to this community game of Rock Painting Hide n Seek. You can play along by posting a photo and the location of where you found the painted rock to the relevant Facebook group, so people can delight in how far the rocks have travelled, and either keep the rock or re-hide it in a new location to brighten someone else’s day.

You can also collect, paint and hide rocks with your children and post the photos to the Rock Drop section of your relevant state Facebook group or simply leave them a mystery for other children to discover.

This is such a fun activity for children young and old and teaches them about spreading joy and
kindness and thinking about others.

All you need is some paint and rocks and an adventure to your local park at home or in our
holiday destination.

For more information visit the relevant Facebook page for your state: