Permanent Nannies

“We are dedicated to providing families with warm, nurturing and experienced nannies – Carers who enjoy working with families, being part of the children’s growth and development and take pride in keeping your home a happy and thriving haven.”

Little Lovelies prides itself on offering one of the most professional, flexible, and personable nanny placement services across Sydney.

We provide personal hands on service to ensure that we correctly identify your childcare needs and determine what is important to you. This helps us to find the perfect match for your family.

All of our nannies are interviewed and thoroughly vetted through a series of verbal and written reference checks before being considered for a position with the agency.

All nannies have both a formal childcare qualification and experience, or at least 3 years paid working experience with children.

We ensure all nannies & babysitters working with Little Lovelies meet the Australian Nanny Association requirements:

  • A minimum of 3 years paid experience
  • Working with children check WWCC
  • First aid and CPR certified
  • Excellent English
  • References

Permanent Nannies

Our permanent nannies work with families on a fixed term basis of at least 3 months, but normally a longer period. The hours can be anywhere from 1 day a week, a few afternoons a week or a full 5 days, but consistently for a period in excess of three months.

Casual Nannies

If you are not looking for a permanent nanny then our casual nannies are carers can be engaged on a short term basis. They are available for a minimum of 3 hours a day and can work with the family for a day, or a fixed term up to  3 months.

Typical Nanny Duties

A nanny’s primary duty is to care for the children in a safe and happy environment. Babysitting duties can vary depending on the length of cover required and the age of children. Duties can include but are not limited to:
  • Following your child’s individual routines
  • Preparing nutritious meals for your children
  • Planning fun and creative learning activities such as arts and crafts
  • Park, playgroup or educational excursions
  • Ensuring the children’s play areas are safe and secure
  • Tidying and keeping clean any child related areas in the house
  • Engaging in play time
  • Homework supervision
  • Bathing & showering and feeding,
  • Nappy changing & Bottle feeding
  • Grocery shopping
  • School runs and getting ready

Recruitment Process of Permanent Nannies

Understanding your needs through thorough consultation.
Our recruitment process involves personalised consultation and a comprehensive questionnaire. This enables us to establish the precise job requirements and what is really important to you as a family, which in turn, helps us to find and match the perfect nanny for your family.

Job brief review.
A job brief is then sent to you to approve before creating a short list of suitable nannies to interview.

Agency Interviews.
We interview every nanny, check references and ensure they have a WWCC and an up to date First Aid and CPR Certificate.

Engagement Fee. 
An initial engagement fee of $75.00 is required to be paid which is then deducted from the placement fee when your nanny is placed.

Shortlist selection.
A shortlist of the best matched nannies and their profiles are then sent to you to review so you can decide who you would like to interview. At this point our recruitment fee of $300.00 is required to be paid which is also deducted from the placement fee.

Offer & Acceptance
Once you have chosen your preferred nanny we will make them an offer, and if accepted, arrange start dates, negotiate pay and take care of everything up until the day they start. The balance of the placement fee becomes payable on the nanny’s first day of work*.

* Please note: if you nominate not to engage Little Lovelies Payroll Service, and choose to pay your nanny directly, it is then your responsibility to provide your nanny with an employment contract and arrange other legislative matters.

Fees, Rates & Payroll Service

Placement Fees

Our one-off placement or “finders fees” are detailed in the table below and exclude the nanny’s hourly rate.

Permanent Nanny Placement Fees

$ (excl GST)
1 day/week Nanny 650
2 days/week Nanny 850
3 days/week Nanny 1050
4 days/week Nanny 1150
5 days/week Nanny 1250

*Your initial permanent nanny engagement fee of $75 and the recruitment fee of $300 are non-refundable and are offset against the total placement fee. 

Nanny Hourly Rates

Our Nannies hourly rates are in addition to the Placement Fee and generally cost between $28 and $35 per hour including superannuation.

Paying Your Permanent Nanny

Permanent Nannies Payroll Service

If you are looking to hire a permanent nanny then you have two options in which you can engage your nanny :-

  1. Payroll your nanny yourself.
  2. Take the stress and time out of paying your permanent nanny yourself and let us payroll them for you.

Whichever option you decide, Little Lovelies will assist you throughout the process.

What does this service cost?
You can expect to pay between $30 and $37 per hour* to use this service, which includes your nanny’s hourly rate and our administrative costs.

Does this cover everything?
Yes.  Our payroll service includes payment of fortnightly wages, tax and superannuation payments, workers compensation insurance, employment contracts and contract term negotiation.  We will also arrange a replacement nanny should your nanny be sick or go on holiday.

Our charge for this service is:

$1.00 extra per hour (for 30 hours or more worked by the nanny per week) or $2.00 extra per hour (for less than 30 hours worked by the nanny)

Example of what you could expect to pay: Nanny is to work 35 hours per week and her wage is $30.00ph inclusive of Superannuation.

Add $1.00ph to use our payroll service = $31.00ph + GST = $34.10 per hour

Permanent Nanny Enquiry Form

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