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Top 10 Benefits of Having a Permanent Nanny

Parents, you were never meant to have to do this on your own. Raising happy, healthy kids takes a village.

That’s where we come in. At Little Lovelies we believe all parents deserve and need support. We work closely with parents to find a nanny that feels like part of the family. A nanny who is adored. A nanny who knows your children and their schedule as well as you do. A nanny who cares for your children as if they are their own.

When you’re considering hiring a nanny to help your growing family, you’re probably thinking to yourself  ‘Should I get a permanent nanny or just someone short-term?’. Well, we think there are a lot of upsides to choosing a permanent nanny to give you a hand long-term, especially if both parents work so you’re a very busy family. We’re going to list 10 but there’s probably a lot more than that.

1. More quality time: Running a household with young kids, possibly while also working, and trying to have a social life can feel like an impossible juggling act. Well, when you hire a permanent nanny, they will provide childcare and help with household tasks. This takes some tasks off your plate giving you back valuable time to enjoy the fun times and make memories with your family.

2. A consistent member of the family: Children thrive with routine so by having a long-term permanent nanny they can quickly get used to one new member of the family and the new changes this brings. As your new nanny will be there on a regular basis, they’ll create a strong bond with your family and we’ll sure you’ll all love having them around.

3. Easier help with emergencies: Raising children often brings unexpected challenges. By having a permanent nanny, you have a valuable support system. If you find yourself running late in the morning, you’ll have someone there to help get the children ready for school and drop them off. If you find yourself caught up in a meeting at work, you know your children are being looked after by someone they love.

4. Never miss mealtimes: Our nannies, time permitting, will help with grocery shopping and meal preparation. If agreed to, they will create delicious healthy meals so you know your children are getting what they need and you won’t find yourself having some toast at 10pm because you couldn’t make time for dinner for yourself.

5. Personalized Childcare and Education: A permanent nanny can tailor their care to your child’s unique needs and developmental stages. They can create a customized, ensuring that your child receives personalized attention and educational activities that align with your family’s values and goals. This individualized approach can greatly benefit your child’s cognitive, emotional, and social development.


Full-Time Nannies Can Help Every Family

We’ve listed 5 pros so far, here are 5 more that show a permanent nanny is the best choice.

6. Specialised Skills and Training:Permanent nannies often come with specialised skills and training in areas such as first aid, child CPR, and early childhood education. Their expertise can be invaluable in emergency situations or when dealing with specific challenges that may arise during your child’s development. Knowing that your nanny is well-prepared to handle various scenarios can provide added peace of mind and reassurance for your family’s safety and well-being.

7. Help for your furry friend too: Having someone in your house most of the day will make sure your dog or cat has company. This is especially important after lockdown as they’ve been used to people being home most of the time. Time permitting, our nannies can also walk and play with your dog, so they’ll love the new addition to the family too.

8. Someone looking after your home when you’re not there: Having someone to keep an eye on your house is always a source of peace of mind. Mornings with small children can be chaotic so having someone in to tidy their beds up after them or check they haven’t left taps on etc can let you go about your day without worrying.

9. Help with a newborn: One particularly great time to have a permanent nanny can be when you’ve just welcomed a new child. Even while one or both parents have parental leave, having someone to step in can be a huge help. You’ll know your baby is in safe hands with a trusted childcare professional and you can use the time to sleep or spend quality time with your older child to help prevent jealousy.

10. Household Management and Organisation: Beyond childcare, permanent nannies often help with household management tasks like organising playdates, coordinating extracurricular activities, and maintaining a structured daily routine. Their presence can contribute to a well-organised and smoothly functioning household, reducing stress for parents and creating a more harmonious family environment.

Find the Perfect Nanny for Your Family with Little Lovelies

Our permanent nanny service is perfect if you’re returning to work but don’t want to send your little one to daycare only for them to come home with sickness after sickness. It’s perfect if you work from home and want to be close to your baby to feed and cuddle them but need some dedicated work time. It’s perfect for children with special needs who require one-on-one dedicated care. It’s perfect for kids who aren’t settling into daycare and need to feel safe and secure in the special bond they share with their carer. There are so many reasons why a nanny could be the perfect fit for your family.

We’re sure you’re now convinced that a permanent nanny will be a bonus to your family and are now ready to start looking for one. With Little Lovelies you can rest assured that everyone on our books has been thoroughly vetted and we’ve checked they have all the necessary qualifications. We’ll get to know your family and its needs and provide a shortlist of people we feel would be a great carer for your children. This means you only have to meet a few people which saves you valuable time. Fill in our permanent nanny enquiry form to get started.