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How to Introduce Your Kids to Their New Nanny

Need Advice on Introducing Your Children to Their New Nanny?

So you’ve decided that a nanny would help your family but now you’re worried about how your children will be with the transition. Whether you are introducing your kids to a permanent or temporary nanny, big changes to a household can be scary for children but the benefits a nanny will bring are worth it. We’ll go through some tips on how to make the transition easy for everyone and in no time, they’ll be like part of the family.

There are some things you can do before the nanny arrives to help your children adapt, especially if they haven’t had a nanny before. We’d recommend talking about the nanny as much as possible, so your child becomes used to their name and some facts about them so it’s not like meeting a stranger. We also think it’s a good idea to tell your child exactly when they’ll be meeting their new nanny. This way the meeting won’t be a shock to them, and they’ll have some time to get used to the idea and hopefully excited.

When you’re ready to make the introduction, you could start by organising a visit while you’re there. This can help ease your own worries as you’ll see how the nanny interacts with your children. If you’re calm your children will be calmer too so this can be an important first step. You should put your trust in the new nanny that she knows what’s best but you’ll be there to give tips about your children if need be. Your children will be able to get to know the new nanny safely in the knowledge that you’re there if they’re worried. It’s a good idea to give your children some control in this first meeting so they feel confident. You could get them to show off their playroom and favourite toys as this will give them plenty to talk about. This initial meeting can make it easier when you head off to work the next time the nanny comes as you’ll be leaving your children with someone they’re already familiar with, which should ease everyone’s worries.

In no Time Your Children Will Love the New Addition to the Family

When it does come time to leave your child with their new nanny for the first time try not to let your emotions show. We understand it can be upsetting leaving your child especially when they’re younger, but if you’re visibly upset that will spook your children and they’ll become upset too. The best option is to say a quick goodbye and leave promptly, don’t draw it out. Also if your child does become upset it doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. Children  may still feel strange being left with a new nanny, especially if they haven’t had one before, even if you’ve followed every tip and trick in the book. Leaving your child while they’re crying can feel terrible, but you should remember that your new nanny is experienced. They’ve been through this before and they will quickly find something fun for your child to do to calm them down.

Depending on the age of your children, one way to ease nerves about the nanny’s first day for them, is to let them plan the activity they’ll do while you’re at work. This will give them something to look forward to and help associate this excitement with the new nanny.

While these tips can help make for an easy introduction, it’s important to remember that every child is different, and some will get on with a nanny immediately while others will take a little while to come out of their shell.

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