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Children’s Books to Add To Your Home Library

How are we all doing? Frazzled, tired, have cabin fever – yes I hear you!

If you have had the children at home for the past week or so like we have, you’ve probably realised home schooling is not easy. Especially if like us, you also have to work from home and have other children to teach and entertain. It’s a juggling act for sure!

Something we have started to do, is to sit down with the kids after lunch and read a story. It is like pushing a reset button and clears our minds ready to do a little bit more school work. Of course, not all children are fans of sitting down or just don’t enjoy being read too, but for those who do its a great time to calm down and chill (me included).

My girls love books!! Whether it’s us reading stories to them, Jasmine eagerly learning to read her books to us or Lottie requesting the same stories over and over (we know the words off by heart to many of our books), we all love to read in our house.

What better excuse to encourage our children to read more, than having to spend more time at home! It’s a great way for us to bond with our children, whilst teaching them literacy skills and teaching them about the world around them.

I’ve listed some of our favourite children’s books that you may want to buy or borrow from friends. 

Maybe organise a book swap between a group of friends. This doesn’t just apply to children’s books, as I’m sure us parents would like some new good books to hunker down with.

These are some favourites in our household at the moment….

Lottie Aged 4


Lottie the Unicorn

This is a personalised book that you can order from There are many different characters and stories to choose from for girls and boys. We have had this book for 18 months now and it is still requested at least once a week!

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

This book is a firm favourite for both of the girls and has been since they were babies. We regularly pretend we are going on bear hunts in our garden and in parks. Last week we started a bear hunt in our local neighbourhood on Facebook and now lots of people have placed teddies in their windows  and gardens for children to go and find. Super fun and super cute. Maybe you can start one in your neighbourhood – we have!


Possum Magic

Written by the wonderful Mem Fox. This a story that features many  Australian animals with some beautiful illustrations. This is one of Australians most loved books.


Pig the Pug

There are 6 books in this collection about a very funny but naughty Pug!  Children love to see what antics Pig the Pug will get up to next. Pig the Stinker is especially funny 🙂


Jasmine Aged 6


Ella and Olivia

Jasmine’s new favourite and has been amazing in helping her learn to read. There are many of these books in the series and are based on the relationship between two young sisters (very relatable for us). 

A book of Feelings 

This is such a beautiful book which I think I love just as much as Jasmine.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Written by the amazing Roald Dahl. With the transition from picture books to chapter books, the Road Dahl collection are super fun for us parents  as well as the children. The Twits, James and The Giant Peach, the BFG are just a few of Roald Dahl’s family favourites.

Fancy Nancy

My daughter absolutely loves Fancy Nancy and secretly I love her as well. These books are easy to read, engage with little girls and teach them fabulous new words!

What are some of the favourites in your house? We’d love to hear and hopefully share those again in the future! Share the photos of you and your little lovelies during story time with us on Facebook – can’t wait to see them!

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